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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Living Architecture

Tree Sculpting & Living Architecture

Throughout history, humans have sought to live closer to nature and seek a balance between dwellings and the trees they are built near. In fantasy and reality this desire has been accomplished in a wide variety of forms. In this work, we explore the shaping of a tree's trunk and branches to create a 'shell.' Over this is laid mosses and soils, into which the tree may send out roots. These roots will stabilize the soil from erosion, recontouring the landscape and creating an interior space which may be finished to suit the structures use. In this way, buildings and dwellings can be formed.These structures blend gracefully with their environment, as the threshold may be pronounced or subtle. The plan of these dwellings is not to replace something on the land, it is to effect a synthesis of elements that formulate a Living Environment.

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