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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

By Charlie Greenwood

Tree Mechanics:We take for granted the power and grace that so many trees exemplify. The more you learn about their behavior, and especially their adaptive capabilities, the more amazing they seem. Trees are one of the best examples of the simultaneous expression of Art and Engineering. Each species exhibits its own magnificence, and when they are grouped together, you have one of the most remarkable and least understood of nature's living creations: The Forest.A walk through the forest can profoundly effect your state of mind, to say nothing of your spinal alignment, all while curing your most stubborn case of sinusitis. Clearly, there is more going on here than we can understand using accepted scientific methodology.Marcel Vogel, who brought into the world many things including electroactive liquid crystals, once took philodendron plants that had been raised together and placed them on opposite sides of the United States and then stressed them by various methods. Instrumentation showed that by some mechanism each plant was able to react to the stress produced in the other, in real time, and thousands of miles apart. Similarly, G. C. Bose's experiments in auditoriums in India with hundreds of witnesses demonstrated real time growth and stress reactions in plants. This was at the dawn of the twentieth century. Experiments have been conducted using various wavelengths of light, sound waves, different types of audio programming, altered atmospheres and temperatures, and just about everything one could imagine. Living material nevertheless tries to propagate, grow, adapt to its conditions, and even thrive if the allowed. And all in real time.

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