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Friday, February 27, 2009

Creations by Nature

Rooney Floyd, a friend and regular student at the J.C. Campbell School of Folk Art in North Carolina, found a wonderful example of inosculation.
He writes....
"Last November at your slide presentation, I got your book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am amazed by the art of arborsculpture. We discussed the man in South Carolina, where I live, named Pearl and you knew of his foliage sculpture work. I remember how among all the beautiful sculpture you had photographed worldwide, you showed some examples from nature and said they were your favorites. Well...I found one! See the attached photos. Three of us retirees were on a field trip in the deep forest along the Savannah River, on a dirt road, and I glimpsed the tree with a hole in the middle.

It is what we call a black gum or toothbrush tree (Black Tupelo, Nyssa Slyvatica in the book). It is on the higher terrace of the Savannah River Swamp in Aiken County, South Carolina, near Silver Bluff, a site visited by Hernando De Soto about 1580. It appears to be two 10-12 inch forks from a single trunk of about 20 inches in diameter. The fork is about 2 feet above ground and the two branches reconnect perfectly about 8 feet above the fork to form a single trunk again of about 18 inches. The tree looks normal and healthy above the reconnection. This photo was recently taken in winter and no leaves were on the tree.

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