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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Attack of the Sap Sucker

Attack of the Sap Sucker
Birds and trees get along just fine except for a notable exception, the Sap Sucker. This aberration of nature pecks holes in trees and then returns to drink the sap and eat the insects that are attracted to the sap.

With a tongue like a humming bird and the beak of wood pecker the sap sucker set it's table with a series of holes around a Birch and an Alder in my garden. Two of them are dining now, I tried painting some of the holes with Cayenne pepper. I haven't seen them drinking from the pepper painted holes, I just see more holes higher up on the tree now. Notice the hole in the bark at the birds foot.
A native Red Alder arborsculpture left, pours fluid from the Sap Sucker holes.

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