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Monday, February 25, 2008

Kansas City Garden Symposium

Left to right....
Yours truly, Jennifer Bartley, Dan Benarcik, Rosemary Alexander.
Jennifer is the author of "Designing the New Kitchen Garden"
she is a landscape designer, artist, photographer and speaker.
Dan Benarcik is a teacher, garden writer and horticulturist at Chanticleer, an innovative garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania where he oversees the tropical garden. Dan is a polished public speaker with a great collection of slides.
Rosemary Alexander is one of the pioneering figures in the world of garden design, has devoted a lifetime to her profession, running an established garden design business as well as the English Gardening School, where she directs the Garden-Design Diploma Course. She is the author of several garden design books as well as being an excellent speaker. I'm sure she would have had a much better time if the airlines had not lost her luggage !
So how did I happen to find my self in such esteemed company ? Just lucky I guess... Our hosts treated us to a night in the world famous Jardine's where we were treated to an evening of Ida McBeth.
I came away from the experience of being treated like a celebrity knowing I would need some larger hats and a desire to really start pursuing this public speaker gig! My Thanks to Powell Gardens and all the volunteers that made this weekend so fantastic !

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