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Friday, August 17, 2007

The China Connection

The last post contained a link to a flicker photo of an arborsculpture in China. Several months ago I was told about the same shape, same design growing at the Shanghai domestic airport. After checking in with Google maps I found out the 2 locations are about 2000 miles apart.
This raises several questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for me.
How common is this design ? Are there other designs ?
How common is arborsculpture in china ?
Is there a name for it ?
What species, if any, other than Ficus is used ?


matt kirkland said...

I spent a year in China, and this design - or a perfect cylinder version of the same - is pretty common, at least in the southern provinces.

Some street markets have nurseries or plant stalls, where you can buy potted bamboo that's tied into the same shape. I've seen sizes ranging from a drinking glass to a barrel!

karen jane said...

In the peoples park in Beijing about 14 years ago there were old men growing trees in pots which were shaped like life sized dancing ladies. We took photos but dont know where they are now.

Unknown said...

Arborsculpture is one of the main industry in a town near my home, its called Shou an Township in Chengdu City (Sichuan Province China). I'll send u some pics through email.